DIY Cropped Hoodie

How to Elevate Your Spring Look with a DIY Cropped Hoodie If you’re looking for a fashionable piece of clothing to take you through spring and the transitional months, consider a cropped hoodie. This stylish variation on a traditional hoodie is the perfect choice for women who want to combine casual comfort with feminine style….

Pattern Hack for Océane’s Pull

Do you like to sew Océane’s Pull but you don’t have enough fabric to include the bow? Or you simply want the bow to stand out? Here comes the patternhack for Océane’s Pull. It works for both the ladies version and the kids version. What do you need • Your sewing pattern• Your fabric• A…

Christmas is comming…

This blogpost ist about the christmas sweaters I made for my kids and at the end there are also two plotter patterns for you for free! Do you love making and wearing Christmas sweaters, pyjamas or something alike? To be honest; I wasn’t into Christmas sweaters before my kids were born. Even now I don’t…

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