About Craftarina

Hi there, my name is Katharina and I love doing all sorts of crafts. So it was obvious to name my little business Craftarina.

I started sewing when I was around 6 or 7 years old. Everytime my mom was sewing I sat with her and handed her the sissors or the pins – whatever she needed.

My first creations were some small lavender stuffed bags for my wardrobe. Discovering my new talent my sewing skills improved quickly. Soon I started replacing my wardrobe with selfmade clothes piece by piece. Some of the basics are still of the shelf, to date.

At some point I started modifying the patterns to better fit my needs and size. Little by little I got more adventurous and eventuelly designed my first own pattern. My then ongoing studies in engineering proved to be a huge boost to my patternmaking skills.

I stepped into the world of making baby clothes during my pregnancy with our son in 2017. With the added opportunity of making girl-y baby cloths for my daughter since 2019 I truely adore making patterns and sewing originals for them.

This sparked the idea of starting a sewing pattern label, which ultimately led to Craftarina!

Some more facts about me:

  • I am 31 years old
  • I am married to a wonderful geek who helped me a lot to set up my business
  • We have two wonderful children – a boy and a girl
  • I am a studied Engineer of Mecatronics
  • I speak German, English, and French
  • I love baking
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