Christmas is comming…

Folded Christmas Tunic Horse

This blogpost ist about the christmas sweaters I made for my kids and at the end there are also two plotter patterns for you for free!

Do you love making and wearing Christmas sweaters, pyjamas or something alike?

To be honest; I wasn’t into Christmas sweaters before my kids were born. Even now I don’t need one for me or my husband. But dressing up the kids with Christmas sweaters is super cute. Especially for our traditional photoshooting for the Christmas greeting cards.

The past two years I bought some of those sweaters even though I love sewing. But this year I was super exited to make something very special.

It all started found that nice and cute fabric at Stick and Style. All other supplies I got there too. That way I could be shure that the colours were matching. I had the exact idea what to make the instant I saw the fabric – a big appliqué!

The plan was to make a tunic or a dress for Craftagirl and a sweater for Craftaboy. Looking back I should have orderd a little bit more fabric. It was a challenge to get every pattern piece positioned correctly, which resulted in Craftagirl ending up with a tunic because there wasn’t enough fabric for a dress.

The Christmas tunic for Craftagirl

The tunic has a wrapped collar with decorative strings, a little pocket on the side and of course the big appliqué of a dala horse. The head-collar of the horse is made out of strings which I sewed on by hand.

The Christmas sweater for Craftaboy

As it is a sweater for a boy I didn’t add so much extra stuff. I decided that the appliqué would be enough and designed a sleek side portrait of a deer. As with the head-collar of the dala horst, I made the antlers out of string and hand-sewed them on.

We all love these sweaters (tunic) so much and my kids simply refuse to take them off once they get to wear them.

Patterns for the horse and the deer

Here’s the freebie I promised above: for all of you in desperate search for some cute detail for their christmas sweater (or anything else, really) here are the two appliqué patterns I designed for the occasion.

For you to download. Use it as you like, as a pattern for sewing, decorations or for your plotter if you have one!

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